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There are several penis extenders out there, but let’s be honest, some are better then other. In fact there is one that is superior to all the other penis extenders out there.

It’s called the SizeGenetics Device!

Why is it the best? Because it’s not some cheap piece of plastic that’s been thrown together. It’s a real medical type 1 device that was developed and used by real penis enlargement surgeons to treat their patients.

This is the real deal… and you can add inches to your extender penis with it. In fact one guy managed to get a penis up to 8.7 inches thanks to the SizeGenetics device.
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Okay so you know that SizeGenetics is the best penis extenders out there (I’m mean it’s used by real doctors and can add inches to your penis… ) but you want to know WHY exactly. Fair enough. Below are the top 10 reason to buy the SizeGenetics device.

Reason 1: It can give you REAL results because it works!

It might sound like a real obvious reason to pick the SizeGenetics device over other penis enlargement products, but the sad scary reality is that not all penis extenders work.

Odd isn’t it, but the fact is that since SizeGenetics came out over 16 years ago, there have been a number of fake or duplicate penis extenders entering the market.

So the moral is, if you don’t buy a SizeGenetics device, you’re taking a big risk and might not get one that is an authentic medical type 1 device.

However SizeGenetics WORKS!

When you wear the device, The SizeGenetics works by adding a constant and steady tension along the length of your penis. This steady tension pulls along the length of the penis and encourages a process call cell duplication; in other words, the cells of the penis and the erectile tissue will respond by being pulled apart and growing new cells as it does.

As the penis develops new cells, your penis can now hold more blood, and this is where the extension occurs.

Read more on how SizeGenetics works.

Reason 2: They are the ONLY penis extender
with real before & after photos

You’d think that if you’re selling a real penis enlargement device, with medical backing and genuinely happy customers you would want to show off your testimonials with before & after photos?

Though surprisingly all of the penis extender companies out there have NO photo evidence that their penis extenders works. EXCEPT for the SizeGenetics device.

It’s a bit worrying isn’t it? Thankfully SizeGenetics proudly show off their success stories with real before & after photos on their website and it gives you a fair idea as to what you can get when you finally use the SizeGenetics device.

Fact is… you don’t have to run the risk. Why trust someone who can’t actually provide photo evidence?!? Do yourself a favor and order yourself the SizeGenetics device because they are the only ones with photographic evidence that it can work!

Reason 3
: SizeGenetics is (IMO) the
MOST COMFORTBLE penis extender out their TODAY

I would love to give you this magical fairy story that you will put on the SizeGenetics device, fall asleep, and then wake up with a 14 inch penis.

It dosen’t hurt (SizeGenetics will extend your penis steadily over a period of time) but at the same time lets be honest, your stretching your penis as you attempt to make it grow.

So you’re going to want to make this as comfortable as possible… and that’s where SizeGenetics excels.

The SizeGenetics device comes with something called the 16 Way Comfort System. This is what attaches the SizeGenetics to your penis and consists of multiple different strapping methods (16 in total) so that if one of them isn’t is comfortable, then one of the other 15 ways SHOULD be comfortable.

It’s a brilliant idea, and you’d think everyone would use this… but ONLY SizeGenetics offers this revolutionary comfort system.

Everyone else only has 1 or 2 strapping methods! What if those two methods are uncomfortable? Exactly… it makes sense to buy the SizeGenetics device because you have more options.

I genuinely believe SizeGenetics IS the MOST COMFORTABLE penis extender out there. And when you find it comfortable… you will use it more often… and when you use it more often… you can see your results FASTER!

Check out SizeGenetics comfort features RIGHT NOW… it’s a great read.

Reason 4
: Backed by medical experts & a clinical study…

It’s amazing what you can sell these days without going through the proper channels. In fact one penis extender company got closed down by the FDA not too long ago because they were selling unproven devices!!!

In other words, penis extenders companies have to sell ACTUAL real devices, or the FDA could come down on them at any time.

However you have nothing to worry about with SizeGenetics, as it is backed by both medical experts and also a clinical study that shows that penis extenders CAN extend the penis by inches.

Not bad huh? In fact one doctor said:

“My research of SizeGenetics™ demonstrated to me a clinically significant male extension device which can be very effective.”

In addition to an increased feeling of self-confidence, men experiencing male enhancement are also more likely to engage in sexual activities. This results in a positive impact on both their state of mind and their view of the world.”

Dr. Michael A Carter

So a bigger penis & more sex? Yes please doctor! Best prescription I ever had!

Reason 5: SizeGenetics can also straighten your penis

Next time you have an erection…. look down at it and look really carefully. You’ll notice that it bends ever so slightly one way. Probably not by much, though for some people it will bend by a considerable amount.

The SizeGenetics device can also be used to straighten the penis as well as to lengthen. Now at first you might think, this isn’t a huge thing, but let me tell you something about ‘the hidden length.’

The ‘hidden length’ is a medical term used to describe the side effect of a bent penis (no matter how minor). By straightening the penis, you will find that it automatically looks longer even without having to do any enlargement whatsoever.

Plus women loved longer, straight looking penises. So that’s ANOTHER good reason to get the SizeGenetics device.

You can read more about SizeGenetics & how to straighten penis curvatures

Reason 6: You will get FREE PENIS EXERCISES

When you order the SizeGenetics device you will get 2 products for the price of 1, as your SizeGenetics order will come with PenisHealth exercises… for FREE.

That’s 2 PRODUCTS…. For the PRICE OF 1!

Two of the best ways to extend your penis is to use a penis extender like SizeGenetics, and the second is to use penis exercises. And when you combine the two together, you can get BETTER results SOONER!

You can either use the exercises to warm up for the device, or use it in place of the penis extender. In addition, the use of penis exercises can help improve your erection strength & power, and is often prescribed by registered medical professionals to aid people looking to improve their erections.

In fact… when you order today…. you will get your penis exercises online IMMEDIATELY!

This means you can literally start extending your penis and work towards larger, more powerful erections within 5 minutes!

Reason 7: SizeGenetics has been in
GQ Magazine & has been on TV

It’s reassuring to see that penis extenders like the SizeGenetics are being more and more recognized by the media. In fact SizeGenetics & penis extenders in general have been seen on a number of television programs, as people now begin to accept that extending your penis is as common as women enhancing their breasts.

One of the best reviews that SizeGenetics got was in GQ Magazine, as their reviewer used the SizeGenetics and successfully extended his penis to up to 7.3 inches! And he did it in ONLY four months.

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Reason 8: Free, rapid & DISCREET delivery

Free and rapid delivery are available on your order… so no long periods of waiting… order your device and you can start extending your penis by inches within just a few weeks (if not sooner).

Now here’s the best part. Your parcel will be discreet! There will be NO visible signs on your delivery that it is a penis extender you are receiving.

After all… how embarrassing would that be?!?! For a parcel with the word “PENIS ENLARGER” proverbially stamped on the box to appear at your office.

Don’t worry…. when you order your parcel will arrive quickly & will arrive with no fear of being found out. After all it’s your secret and nobody else’s business. Unless of course you want to make it her business ;)

Reason 9: You will get LOADS of options
depending how much you want to spend

Penis extenders tend to fall into one of two categories… cheaper or better. SizeGenetics has both.

You can either buy a “Starter Edition” SizeGenetics (only $199.95) if you’re a bit strap for cash. It comes with just the device and can help you get moderate gains.

However if you’ve got a bit more money and want to see AWESOME gains, then I recommend you get the ‘Ultimate System’.

The ‘Ultimate System’ doesn’t just come with the best quality SizeGenetics available, you will also get a whole bunch of bonus goodies that you can use to enhance your male enhancement experience.

In fact, when you order the SizeGenetics
‘Ultimate System’, you will get ALL OF THIS!!!!

The 16 way comfort strap

Revita cream

Spare parts

Traction plus powder

Luxury leather case

Device wipes

Premium travel case

54+ online DVDs with LoveCentria

PenisHealth DVD

180 day guarantee

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Reason 10: You will get your money back if it works
You can get your money back if it doesn’t work

Sounds unbelievable dosen’t it, but in fact it’s true… you can get your money back if it works, and your money back if it dosen’t work. So how does that work?!

For starters you get a 180 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

With this money back guarantee, you will get your money back if the device doesn’t help you enhance your masculinity whatsoever.

And remember this… you get 180 DAYS (around 6 months) to take advantage of it. Some other penis extender companies only give you 60 or even 30 days… and that’s really not enough time! With 180 days you have more than enougth time to receive it, try it and send it back.

So remember… if SizeGenetics dosen’t work… you can get your money back!

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So as you can see, SizeGenetics really is the number one penis extender in the world!

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